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We automate boredom at work with AI and RPA technologies, focusing on outstanding client service and rapid automation deployment.

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The Mission

Our mission is to support teams across industries…

  • eliminate boring work
  • improve bottom lines
  • unleash employee productivity

…with the help of RPA, AI and Intelligent Document Understanding.

Flobotics European Team

A Value-Driven Company

Flobotics values shape how we collaborate and deliver outstanding outcomes to our Clients and Partners. Not imposed by leadership, but created organically during workshops by the entire Flobotics team, they act as a compass for our actions and decision-making.


ALWAYS PUT PEOPLE FIRST – THEY ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT. Treat peers as you would your own friends and remember that collaboration, inclusion, and safety are the pillars on which Flobofriendship is born.

Smart Quality

DO WORK THAT SATISFIES EVERYONE INVOLVED. Aim to create “WOW” moments for Clients, but not at the cost of your professional satisfaction. Be business-oriented and budget-aware to strike a healthy balance between value and cost.


HAVE THE COURAGE TO THINK, SPEAK AND ACT. Encourage thinking outside the box and speaking out loud – especially if you see a problem. Value proactivity and risk-taking in the pursuit of better solutions. Don’t just follow – lead by example and empower others.

Clear Communication

OVERCOMMUNICATE TO CONVEY THE MESSAGE CLEARLY. Be thorough and aim for complete transparency. Avoid assumptions — ask questions and repeat yourself if necessary. Always ensure mutual understanding and speak love when people do valuable things!

Empathy-driven Trust

ENCOURAGE AND PRESUME GOOD INTENTIONS. Place trust in the positive intentions of your colleagues. Embrace diverse perspectives. Consistently consider varying levels of knowledge, skills, contexts, mindsets, and emotional states that exist among individuals.

Growth and Change

EMBRACE CHANGE AND PURSUE GROWTH. Achieve excellence through iterations. Practice self-reflectiveness, care about each other’s development, and never stop providing feedback – it is a gift that makes us better. Be the agent of change – always perceive it as a growth opportunity!

Freedom-based Ownership

TAKE CHARGE AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE – YOUR WAY. Be accountable for your actions and deliver what you promise, regardless of your methods and geographical location. Adopt flexibility to have the biggest impact possible – on projects, people, and communities.


WHATEVER YOU DO – HAVE FUN! Recognize that fun fuels motivation, workplace satisfaction, and delivering outstanding results. Never dismiss it as a waste of time – this is how we learn, grow, and discover the world around us.

  • 9.3/10

    Average Cilent Net Promoter Score

  • 9.14/10

    Employee Satisfaction Score (Gallup)

Why work with Flobotics?

100+ Successful RPA Implementations

We do what we do best – automate processes and build unbeatable robots. Your ROI is the most important for us!

Top Automation Experts

Our battle-proven developers and consultants are sourced from the “Big Four” of accounting: PwC, EY, KPMG & Deloitte, and combine extensive technical and business expertise.

Full Legal Compliance

Our automation fully complies with local and industry-specific regulatory regimes and jurisdictions, such as HIPAA for healthcare or FFIEC for finance.

A Proven Automation Development Agency

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Karl Mielnicki & Filip Nasiadko

CEO and CTO, founders of Flobotics

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