RPA ROI Calculator
Timely and efficient claims management is one of the biggest challanages for healtcare providers. Robotics Process Automation technology is here to help
How long is the process?
?How much time does a human user need to spend executing one instance of the process, on average?

(e.g., processing one invoice, creating and sending one insurance claim)
?Less than 1 minute
on average for a single item to be processed by a human user.
?Between 1 - 3 minutes
on average for a single item to be processed for a human user.
?More than 3 minutes
on average for a single item to be processed by a human user.
How complex is the process?
?Complexity describes how many process variants there are, how difficult it is, how many decision and calculations you need to make, and how many screens/apps are used. Click the question mark icons to see examples.
? Example #1: Creating a calendar meeting
  • 1. Open calendar software
  • 2. Choose people to invite
  • 3. Check their availability
  • 4. Select the desired date and place
  • 5. Confirm meeting creation
Example #2: Download Excel report file from the application based on predefined criteria
  • 1. Open desired application
  • 2. Navigate to the reporting panel
  • 3. Populate report parameters - i.e., date from, date to, department, vendor
  • 4. Generate and save the output Excel
? Example: Purchasing a product online
  • 1. Open an online shop page
  • 2. Search and identify the product
  • 3. Open the desired product page
  • 4. Add product to the basket
  • 5. Choose a valid shipping method
  • 6. Fill necessary shipment data
  • 7. Confirm the order
  • 8. Choose payment method
  • 9. Proceed with the payment
? Example: Processing an Insurance Claim
  • 1. Open claims and policies systems
  • 2. Receive new insurance claim
  • 3. Validate claimant information
  • 4. Verify policy coverage and terms
  • 5. Assign a unique claim number
  • 6. Initiate an automated dodument review
  • 7. Extract relevant data from supporting documents
  • 8. Input claim details into the claims management system
  • 9. Evaluate the claim against predefined criteria
  • 10. Autogenerate claim approval or rejection
  • 11. Update policyholder on claim status via automated communication
  • 12. Receive and process inspection reports
  • 13. Update claim status based on inspection findings
  • 14. Initiate automated fund disbursement for approved claims
  • 15. Archive and organize claim documentation
Are there any physical documents involved?
?Check this box if you have physical documentation in the process that requires scanning and using the OCR/Document Understanding technology
Would you be able to teach an intern to execute this process in a month's time?
?Check this box if you consider the recruitment and onboarding process for replacing an employee executing the process lengthy or costly
What is the employee's average annual salary? (in USD)
How many employees are involved in the process?
On average, how many hours a week does each person devote to this process?
Please note that the numbers you are seeing are just an approximate estimate.
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
? Year 1: costs of development and licensing.

Year 2, 3, 4: costs of maintenance and licensing.
16 400$
2 000$
2 000$
2 000$
$ 50 000
$ 50 000
$ 50 000
$ 50 000
$ 36 600
$ 81 600
$ 129 600
$ 177 600
? Your predicted Return on Investment (cumulated profit / initial investment)
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