Automating Medical Clinics Network with an Army of RPA Bots

For a medical clinic network from Arkansas we have automated Revenue Cycle Management functions and patient management workflows, improving operational efficiency and freeing employees from boring and repetitive work.


ROI in year one

6 FTEs

saved monthly


processes automated

Automating invoicing, reporting, and providers switching for a renewable energy company

For a green energy company from Switzerland, we have automated key back office processes, freed their team from delivering boring, repetitive work and brought significant ROI in the first year of collaboration.


of pure profit in Year One

6.18 FTEs

saved monthly


automated actions/month

Integrating Multiple EHRs and Automating Patient Registration and Visit Scheduling

DocPlanner is the largest healthcare platform in Europe. We automated data and task flow between legacy electronic health record (EHR) systems and the DocPlanner application, optimizing appointment scheduling and patient registration workflows.


EHR systems integrated


processes automated monthly


of cases processed automatically

Thanks to Flobotics, we have increased our sales conversion rate by 3%. The team communicates effectively and is proactive both in the product discovery and development stages. I love the business drive of the team as well as their flexibility and readiness to address all the needs.

We are pleased with their excellent quality of service!

Kamil Walczak, DocPlanner

Kamil Walczak

Product Lead at Docplanner