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One of your clients would like to automate their processes, and you can’t do so? Then, let us step in as a silent partners! We will do all the hard work, but the fame will be yours.

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Do you need an RPA development expert to work as a team member? Let us know exactly who you need, and we will shortlist exceptional talent for you to choose from.

Process automation consultants & trainers

Want to bring automation know-how to your company and educate your team on the issue of process management and RPA? Our vast network of consultants and trainers is waiting for you.

RPA team augmentation and team scaling

Need to scale up your existing automation team or build one from scratch? Then, we will assemble a dedicated team consisting of RPA developers and other experts you may need (Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Data Analysts, etc.).

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UiPath Developers

As an official UiPath Partner, we know this platform’s ins and outs. Our team is UiPath certified, and we have a proven track record of delivering successful UiPath projects across the industry.

Blue Prism Developers

Blue Prism developers focus on automating processes in the biggest enterprises and looking for corporate-level automation experts. We have the people you need.

Automation Anywhere Developers

Automation Anywhere offers out-of-the-box solutions that have the power to scale RPA. Hire Automation Anywhere developers with Flobotics and secure the growth of your business.

Robocorp Developers

Robocorp is a Python-based open-source stack for automating applications and processes. Hire Robocorp developers quickly and get them working on your automation in no time.


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Why hire RPA developers with Flobotics?

Top-tier RPA consultants

Our top RPA development talent is solely sourced from the “Big Four” of accounting: PwC, EY, KPMG & Deloitte.

100% RPA-focused

RPA is our passion and core competence. We do what we do best – automate processes and build unbeatable robots!

Competitve rates

Best European quality for an affordable price. It’s not San Francisco – we keep our costs low while delivering magic!

Legal compliance and data safety

Experienced in multiple markets with extensive knowledge of local regulatory regimes such as HIPAA for healthcare or FFIEC for finance in the US.

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Examples of work delivered by Flobotics RPA developers

Docplanner - automation with RPA

DocPlanner – building an automated system for a healthcare Unicorn



How to connect multiple Electronic Health Records and build an automated system for managing patients and scheduling appointments?

Docplanner - automation with RPA
Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG) automation with RPA

Automating a Loan
Estimation and Granting Process
with a Network of RPA Robots



Read how we helped Paramount Residential Mortgage Group save $2 million from a 50% improvement in daily underwriter efficiency.

Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG) automation with RPA

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How To Hire RPA Developers That Will Deliver Amazing Projects?

What do RPA developers do?

Before proceeding with the skills needed by an RPA developer, let’s briefly describe the role of an RPA developer in the first place!

Conceptually, looking to hire RPA developers is searching for someone who works with several functions within the business unit. Especially with enterprise operations and business analysts to create and optimize workflow processes. So, we can safely say this is a relatively new professional path, and plenty of organizations have various titles for RPA developers, like automation experts.

Regardless of the title, a capable RPA developer must have specific experience, skills, and best practices to automate a business process smoothly. So, an RPA developer will be asked to automate & optimize the work process after documenting it by creating workflow diagrams. An RPA developer is mainly responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining workflow automation projects for ongoing operations. Sometimes, developers are asked to participate in testing or bug fixing, which might require some programming skills. Some automation tools are considered knife and fork for an RPA developer, such as UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, or RoboCorp.

RPA developers – who can you work with?

As mentioned, there are several RPA-related roles with slightly different roles & responsibilities.

For instance, we have the below list of popular titles:

1) RPA developers/ RPA Engineers

2) Senior RPA developers

3) RPA Tech Leads

4) RPA Consultants. & Business Analysts

5) RPA Administrators

  • The developers typically have 0-3 years of hands-on experience, while above are considered seniors.
  • Tech leads are usually above three years of experience and manage a team of developers while reporting to the leadership and placing the project’s strategies in the coming period.
  • RPA consultants typically work with clients on a specific task, project, or troubleshooting to fix a process issue or ensure the automation is done and up to the standards.

Therefore, when hiring RPA developers, you must know precisely what you’re looking for!

To Hire RPA Developers, What skills should you look for in an RPA developer?

RPA developers should have a skill set that enables them to identify the processes that require automation and create the proper, efficient workflow to optimize the whole process and make everyone’s life easier!

RPA developers skillset


The diagram above shows the essential skills a successful RPA developer should possess to avoid the common causes of failure. But on top of that, more skills are specific to the business nature (i.e., healthcare, banking, insurance, etc.)

So, hard skills must include coding and RPA tools handling (i.e., UiPath). Therefore a technical background is highly required in such roles where security practice is always crucial. In addition, cloud computing, artificial intelligence & machine learning techniques are booming, and they are becoming more & more required for an RPA developer to own!

Except for technical skills good RPA developer needs to have a business-first principle to make sure that the delivered project achieves its business outcome:

  • measure your ROI
  • calculate business gains

and get a clear answer to how much (or/if) RPA automation is profitable for your company.

Soft skills include teamwork, attention to detail, problem-solving, being data-oriented, and having some understanding & proficiency in process mining.

But skills are the bare minimum to own as a developer! For a developer to excel, they should have a portfolio of successful projects delivered, clients’ testimonials, executed case studies, cost-saving projects, and certifications.

Where to find the best RPA developers?

There are several ways you can hire RPA developers, including but not limited to the following:

1) Freelance platforms (Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer) have no solid guarantee of their skills or capabilities. Communication is not always ideal as well since everything is remote.

2) In-house teams. Recruiting and maintaining a team of developers is ideal if you have the physical office space & financial/legal resources for such a thing. Otherwise, it would be best if you considered another option.

3) End-to-end RPA development agencies like Flobotics. The best option is if you need both high-quality deliverables and flexibility in collaboration. Why?

  1. We have RPA developers that can implement RPA in your company using different technologies (UiPath, BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, RoboCorp).
  2. Our vetted developers are sourced from the “Big Four” of consulting, combining technical expertise and business knowledge.
  3. We’re a trusted UiPath partner with experience developing RPA in every industry.
  4. We provide various hiring models: contract, full-time, body-leasing, per hour, etc.

You can also find us on DesignRush.

Reach out to us, and let’s discuss your RPA hiring needs!

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