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“Their work has been exceptional, and we’re extremely satisfied.”

Rosemary Angsten
COO, DART Chart Systems

“It was a large return on investment for us."

David Clifford
CSO, Tectonic Financial

Automate your processes
and increase
your ROI

with RPA and Intelligent Automation

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1. Hyperspeed processes

Ensure a high degree of accuracy and consistency of data and make your processes faster than ever before.


2. Unleash team productivity

Free your employees from mind-numbing, repetitive tasks, and redirect their attention to more impactful, high-value functions.


3. Aim for excellence

Eliminate human errors and build processes with predictable, measurable outputs to deliver quality that is superior.


4. Boost your ROI

Achieve more in less time, drive productivity gains, and cut down operating costs so that you can concentrate on maximizing profits.


5. Achieve full compliance

Get easily accessible audit logs of every transaction, add transparency and accountability into your operations, and ensure compliance.


6. Improve customer experience

Provide excellent customer service. Shorten transaction times, speed up documents processing and be there for your customers 24/7.

What can Flobotics do for you?

We provide 360-degree RPA consulting services covering the development, integration, and implementation of the leading Robotic Process Automation solutions.

Leveraging the full power of UIPATH, BLUE PRISM and POWER AUTOMATE solutions, we will audit and automate your processes, increase your ROI, enhance customer experience, and boost employee engagement.

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Flobotics' end-to-end automation solutions

process discovery

1. Process Discovery

  • Process audit
  • Automation roadmap
rpa planning

2. RPA Planning

  • Maturity assessment
  • Process mapping and design
  • Process optimization
  • Centre of excellence creation
rpa implementations

3. RPA Implementation

  • Architecture setup
  • Intelligent bots development
  • Refactoring of existing processes
  • Business automation implementation
client care

4. Client Care

  • Project support
  • Employee training and onboarding
  • Best practices workshops
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The tangible benefits
of robotic process automation

cost savings

Up to

80% cost savings

faster processes

Up to

100x faster processes

roi in year


30-200% ROI
in year 1


No delays

24/7 operations

Who is RPA for?

Whether your company is 10 or 10,000-strong, RPA solutions will help it move faster by replicating rule-based tasks and automating unproductive work.
who is rpa for

for start-ups and scale-ups

Build, thrive, disrupt at a blistering pace to step up your growth without the need to hire more people

for consulting companies

Automate all types of work to focus on forging relationships with your clients and solving their problems effectively

for enterprises and corporations

Nurture employee creativity and imagination and win new markets with ingenious products and services
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"I would definitely hire Flobotics again!"

Flobotics was excellent to work with. They listened carefully to the project needs and executed without needing redirection. Their programming was much more sophisticated than anything we could have ever developed. They are very knowledgeable on Robotic Process Automation as well as other technical requirements when we ran into any roadblocks. Flobotics was very responsive and worked quickly on each project.

Rosemary Angsten
COO, DART Chart Systems

"Without a doubt the best choice I could have made."

Wow, what a treat! With Flobotic’s help, I managed to get a super-complex project on time at half the cost of a large consulting company from my country. They are professional, dedicated, and super-curious about everything there is to know about UiPath.

Eran Ben Horin
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