Evidence-Based Treatment Centers of Seattle (EBTCS):

Integrating Salesforce with Electronic Health Records software [Robocorp & Python Case Study]


Evidence-Based Treatment Centers of Seattle (EBTCS)


Seattle, USA




1 RPA developer


Robocorp, Python, Salesforce


2 weeks

EBTCS automation


Speeding up of a single process


in licensing costs


cases processed weekly


The Evidence-Based Treatment Centers of Seattle (EBTCS) is a network of specialty mental health clinics from the Seattle region, offering in-person and virtual/telehealth services.


The EBTCS team came to us with a well-defined problem. They wanted to integrate their sales with patient management software infrastructure.
In detail, they wanted to create interoperability between Salesforce and their central EHR system - Valant.

Valant is a perfect solution for mental treatment-oriented companies like EBTCS. But it has one major drawback - it doesn’t have a publicly-accessed API.

Due to the lack of integration between systems, a team of few people has manually moved all the patient data between them - a tremendously tedious and repetitive work.

EBTCS leadership knew they had to change that.

Automate processes in healthcare


First, we had to decide on the right technology. The EBTCS’s initial idea was to go with market-standard UiPath, but after analyzing their needs, we proposed an alternative - Robocorp.

Why? Two reasons:

  1. Robocorp is a Python-based tool that allowed us to integrate with non-public API easily. Bots can work directly with Valant’s scripts without using the user interface, which makes them way faster.
  2. Taking the predicted number of cases to be processed monthly was a more cost-efficient solution (due to the licensing costs).

We built the bot that triggers every three hours, logging into Salesforce and checking the list of scheduled opportunities - new clinic network patients.
Then, it logs into the Valant EHR software, compares the list of existing patients (making sure not to duplicate entries), and creates patient profiles based on Salesforce data.

It pulls all the data collected during the sales and customer onboarding process: personal information, assigned provider and facility, Medicare & Medicaid information, guardian’s details, or additional preferences of a new patient.

After performing this action, the bot changes the patient's status in Salesforce.

Once all the items have been processed, the bot sends a short report to the selected team members.

We have also implemented a series of additional automation-based improvements:

  • Moving demographic data from Valant to Salesforce
  • Moving PDF files from Salesforce to Valant
  • Catching billing errors in the Valant Pending Transaction Queue
  • Transcription of voice mails


From Day One, the bot has been automatically processing dozens to hundreds of cases per week.

Handling each case manually took around 5 minutes - the bot processes them in under 15 seconds, which translates into 20x speeding up the process - and no human worker needs to be involved.

Thanks to the relatively small scale of the operation, EBTCS paid $0 in licensing costs - Robocorp’s free plan was enough to cover their needs.

The client also has access to the reporting dashboard and can monitor the bot's performance in real-time and generate reports.

EBTCS - thank you for your trust!

Want to integrate your systems and introduce some real interoperability? Let us know about your goals, and we’ll figure out the best ways to achieve them with automation!


Speeding up of a single process


in licensing costs


cases processed weekly

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