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How to automate the processing of hundreds of SIM cards and create a consistent and healthy CRM system?


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How to automate the processing of hundreds of SIM cards and create a consistent and healthy CRM system?


Canada Satellite provides various satellite services and devices, including satellite phones, satellite TV, and satellite internet. With offshore branches such as Africa Satellite, Asia Satellite, Australia Satellite, Europe Satellite, and American Satellite, Canada Satellite is considered a global company.

The Challenge

The satellite SIM cards offered on the market are:

In both cases, when the customer buys a product/service on a website, his account is automatically created in the shop backend (or a new product/service is added to the existing account).

So, the problem that the client came to us with was that the shop backend was unable to handle the following:

for prepaid – how many minutes on the SIM card are left, when it expires, and based on those two factors, decide if the SIM card should be recharged

for postpaid – the customer who’s paying monthly for, let’s say, 100 minutes is going to exceed that limit, and minutes above the limit might be additional costs on the invoice at the end of the month (monthly subscription + minutes over the limit)

The CRM, on the other side, is capable of keeping track of all of the above, as well as issuing invoices, but the Purchase Orders, as well as (most importantly) Checkout (paying with a Credit Card/Credit Card processing) have to be made in the shop backend because the CRM does not support it.

The Solution

This is where RPA comes into play. Fortunately, both of these processes are rule-based with a common starting point – the CRM – and a common endpoint – the shop backend – with just a slightly different business logic inside.

We started automation with the Auto-Recharge process, gathering all the necessary data from the CRM underlying database and validating all of it against business rules:

If the validation process:

  • fails - an email (and Satellite SMS) notification is sent to the client or the Canada Satellite sales team, depending on the invalid data type.
  • is successful, and no data is missing - Canada Satellite’s client is being created in the shop backend and checkout is being processed.

If checkout:

  • fails due to invalid Credit Card info, expired Credit Card, or insufficient funds; customer email (and Sattelite SMS) is being sent asking the client to update his account Credit Card info or provide funds on the card already attached to the account
  • is successful and paid for; the order number and a few other details are inserted back into the CRM as input for the vendor top-up process to start (next candidate to be automated).

This is done in a split of a second every time, with no mistakes.

We have also implemented reporting in the process every step of the way. Every edge case, exception, or success is reported back to CRM, updating UiPath Status to the status predefined in business logic.

The whole postpaid process was automated When the process was live on production and proven successful. Taking everything that we could from the first process, changing the CRM database queries, implementing a few other scenarios, and modifying the existing developing automation of this process was lightning fast.

The Outcome

Auto-Recharge and Postpaid processes are a significant part of the business for the Canada Satellite and sub-parties and are responsible for processing hundreds of SIM cards monthly, ensuring continuity of Satellite services for many people around the world, which in many cases are treated as emergency resolutions. They are now automated and freed hours of mundane, repetitive, and prone to mistakes in manual processing in Canada Satellite’s people time.

Additionally, much data was unified in the CRM, which is now a more consistent and healthy system.

for the Canada Satellite and sub parties.

What process would YOU automate?

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