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We are Official

Read Robocorp’s story of how we helped eSky, a travel tech marketplace, achieve 100% ROI in 2 months with our expert RPA development

We are Official

Read the UiPath’s story how did we help PRGM, a US- based mortgage company save $2M in just a few months with our Robotic Proces Automation solutions.

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Data Management

Automate data backups and restorations.

Human Resources

Streamline employee onboarding & offboarding.

Finance & Accounting

Automate accounts payable, receivable, invoicing, or banking processes.

Customer Communication

Manage email queries and call center routing.

IT and infrastructure operations

Automate connecting, syncing, and validating data.

Legal and compliance

Build fully compliant workflows.

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Why bet on Robocorp RPA development services from Flobotics?

Robocorp gives you the tools to build and deploy the robots your team needs, that is 10x more efficient

Only top Robocorp talents

Our top RPA development talent is solely sourced from the “Big Four” of accounting: PwC, EY, KPMG & Deloitte.

Perfect platform for small and medium companies

Our competitive pricing and Robocorp’s cost-effective and efficient solutions for development make it an ideal platform for smaller companies with limited budgets.

Supporting the full automation lifecycle

From process discovery to measurement. Robocorp tools portfolio constantly expands, providing developers with new capabilities and businesses with new solutions.

Legal compliance and data safety

Experienced in multiple markets with extensive knowledge of local regulatory regimes such as HIPAA for healthcare or FFIEC for finance in the US.

  • 350%

    average ROI increase from a single automation

  • 100+

    successful RPA implementations

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Our successful Robocorp implementations

eSky automation

E-sky: Building a luggage policy monitoring bot with Robocorp

Our work

Travel Tech

How to automate luggage policy monitoring in 8 days and save 1,5 FTEs monthly? Automation with Robocorp technology

eSky automation

Optimaizer: Integrating a custom ML advertising model

Our work


How to integrate a custom Machine Learning advertising models and save around 80 hours of manual labor per week

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Get in touch. Our Robocorp devs are waiting for the next challenge.

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