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“Their work has been exceptional, and we’re extremely satisfied.”

Rosemary Angsten
COO, DART Chart Systems

“It was a large return on investment for us."

David Clifford
CSO, Tectonic Financial


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Read the UiPath’s story on how our RPA consultants helped PRMG,

a US-based mortgage company save $2M in just a few months.

RPA consultancy services for companies of all sizes, across industries

RPA Feasibility Study

Considering RPA technology for automating your processes? We will assess your existing processes, understand your business needs and give you a clear answer if RPA is the right pick for you.

Technology Consultation

Weighing different automation tech stacks? Our RPA technology leaders will advise you on automation and RPA technologies best fitting your company’s needs, be that UiPath, BluePrism, or else. Or maybe something outside RPA technologies?

Building Automation Roadmaps and PoCs

Flobotic’s RPA process consultants will help you map your processes, plan automations, build proofs-of-concept, and design RPA implementation roadmaps.

Trainings and Workshops for your Team

Want to bring business and technical expertise on the topic of automation to your company? We will conduct trainings for your team so you can create your own automated infrastructure.

RPA Architecture Audit

Not 100% satisfied with your current RPA setup? Let us analyze your bot performance, current logic paths and go through all the code to seek room for improvement.

Support and Maintenance

We will troubleshoot your existing setup and licenses, look for improvement areas and propose optimizations so you can maximize your automation stack’s efficiency.

A boutique RPA consulting with corporate-level service

Why companies worldwide work with Flobotics RPA consultants?

Corporate-level consultants

RPA consultants only sourced from the “Big Four” of accounting: EY, PwC, Deloitte, and KPMG, with a proven track record of ROI improvement.

Individual approach

You can always count on the Individual and industry-fitted approach regardless of the size of your business.

End-to-end businss support

Going beyond technical side of automation, we provide end-to-end business support and process management advisory.

Top talent from the CEE region

Work with Flobotics and get the first-league consulting services for affordable, European rates.

Work with RPA consultants who know your industry and understand your challenges

Robotic Process Automation disrupts verticals all over the business spectrum. What can be done in your niche?


Get support with: patient processing (profile creation, registration, eligibility check, and appointment scheduling), automating medical billing and EHRs, automating clinical trials and medical research, automated document generation and processing (contracts, invoices, reports)


Get support with: automated claims submissions and processing underwriting; risk assessment integrating and streamlining databases and systems; ensuring regulatory compliance 


Get support with: invoice and document processing; fraudulent activities monitoring and notification; CC, loans, and mortgage processing auditing and regulatory compliance


Get support with: automated inventory management; purchase order creation and processing; vendor communication and management accounts; payable & invoicing automation


Get support with: supply chain planning and optimization; ERP and marketing optimization; business and sales analytics; nventory management and product categorization

HR & recruitment

Get support with: candidate screening and shortlisting; Payroll and time management automation; compensation and expense management solution; new hire onboarding and training

"They were thorough and never miss anything."

“The client saved 100k in manual effort and, by shortening onboarding time, they stand to increase revenue by $1m. Quality of solution architecture and development were the most impressive things about them.”

Heather Maitre
Managing Bartner, Mystic River Consulting

“Without a doubt the best choice I could have made.”

Wow, what a treat! With Flobotic’s help, I managed to get a super-complex project on time at half the cost of a large consulting company from my country. They are professional, dedicated, and super-curious about everything there is to know about UiPath.

Eran Ben Horin

How do we work?

Our RPA consultancy and development case-studies

Automating a Loan Estimation and Granting Process With a Network of RPA Robots

A story of how we have deployed a team of robots to automate loan estimation and granting processes for a mortgage company which translated into a 50% improvement in underwriting efficiency and savings of $2 million.

Vector 2

A Leading US Bank Makes Over 300,000% ROI by Automating a Simple Procedure

Learn, how our robots made it possible to generate an ROI of over 300,000% (correct, you’ve got those zeros right!) in a few hours and save hundreds of hours in human labor. All with the help of UiPath

Vector 2

Free Your Employees from Overtime Saving Hundreds of Hours of Manual Labor in the Process

A story of how we developed a set of RPA bots that fully automated processes of pulling the patients’ information from medical, created automated reporting flows, and built a secure system where sensitive data is safe and protected.

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