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Michał Zagrodzki


RPA Consultant | UiPath Certified Developer | Previously in KPMG


RPA Tech Lead | UiPath Certified Developer


RPA Tech Lead | UiPath Certified Developer | Previously in KPMG

We are AN Official

Read UiPath’s story of how we helped PRMG, a US-based mortgage company, save $2 million in just a few months with our expert UiPath RPA development.

We are AN Official

Read the UiPath story on how did we help PRGM, a US-based mortgage company, save $2M in just a few months with our expert UiPath RPA development.

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UiPath Feasibility Study

Are you considering UiPath as your RPA technology? We will assess your existing processes, understand your business needs and give you a clear answer if UiPath is the right pick for you.

UiPath Consulting

Work with our UiPath consultants, who will map your processes, build proofs-of-concept, and design UiPath implementation roadmaps.

UiPath Trial Implementation

We will build a test automation of one of your processes for you to see how the UiPath-based RPA can work for your business.

UiPath Full Development & Deployment

Process-by-process custom UiPath bots development and setup in accordance with your industry standards and legal requirements.

UiPath Development Team Scaling

Are you looking for UiPath developers to join your existing team? We will shortlist ready-to-hire devs matched with your product, industry, and team dynamics.

UiPath Support and Maintenance

We will troubleshoot your existing UiPath setup and licenses, look for improvement areas and propose optimizations so you can maximize your UiPath-based automation efficiency.

Every collaboration start with the conversation.

Schedule a 15–minute conversation with our hiring consultant and UiPath development Team Lead.

Tell us what kind of UiPath development you need to get done, and we’ll assemble a team to use the case.

Photo of Filip Nasiadko - CEO of Flobotics

Every collaboration starts with the conversation

Schedule a 15–minute free consultation with our executive and UiPath development Team Lead, and tell us about your UiPath development hiring needs.

Photo of Filip Nasiadko - CEO of Flobotics

Why UiPath development for your RPA platform?

Why UiPath development for your RPA platform?

RPA developers and companies worldwide love UiPath for their Robotic Process Automation implementation. Learn why:

Supporting the full automation lifecycle

From process discovery to measurement. UiPath tools portfolio constantly expands, providing developers with new capabilities and businesses with new solutions.

Speedlight performance

UiPath is one of the fastest RPA technology available on the market, allowing us to deploy fully functional automation within days (sometimes – hours!)

Easiness of development

UiPath is developer-friendly! This technology allows us to build, deploy, and scale automation quickly and within a limited timeframe.

Broad attended capabilities

UiPath attended capabilities are unrivaled, providing companies with flexibility and a broad spectrum of solutions.

  • 5/5

    Clutch review based on 23 reviews

  • 350%

    Average ROI increase from a single automation

  • 100+

    Successful RPA implementations

Flobotics: a team of community-proven UiPath developers

  • They were easy to get in contact with and the whole collaboration went smoothly. The automation has saved us a considerable amount of time. Everyone in the team confirmed it works fantastically and that it’s freed them up a lot of time.

    "Flobotics was fantastic!"

    Manny Akintayo

    Co-founder & CTO at Gentem Health

  • Thanks to Flobotics, we have increased our sales conversion rate by 3%. The team communicates effectively and is proactive both in the product discovery and development stages. I love the business drive of the team as well as their flexibility and readiness to address all the needs.

    “We are pleased with their excellent quality of service!”

    Kamil Walczak, DocPlanner

    Kamil Walczak

    Product Lead, DocPlanner

  • I appreciate their understanding and the way they grasp the needs of our business. Their overall knowledge, beyond the RPA, has been great as well. They also provide a high quality of security to protect the confidentiality we require.

    “Their work has been exceptional, and we’re extremely satisfied.”

    Rosemary Angsten

    COO, DART Chart Systems

Our successful UiPath implementations

Docplanner - automation with RPA

DocPlanner: Building a Super Scalable Automation System for Managing Patients

Our work


Read how we integrated multiple EHRs and created an automated system for managing patients and scheduling appointments for a medical Unicorn.

Docplanner - automation with RPA
TBank automation with RPA

A Leading US Bank Achieves +300,000% ROI by Automating a Simple Task With RPA

Our work

Finance & Banking

Learn how our robots made it possible to generate an ROI of over 300,000% (correct, you’ve got those zeros right!) in a few hours and save hundreds of hours of human labor.

TBank automation with RPA

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Get in touch. Our UiPath devs are waiting for the next challenge:

Get in touch. Our UiPath devs are waiting for the next challenge.

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