Bringing process automation to the workplace

Bringing process automation to the workplace

Automate your processes and unleash true productivity with our battle-proven Intelligent Automation developers and consultants.


Bringing process automation to the workplace

Automate your processes and unleash true productivity with our battle-proven Intelligent Automation developers and consultants.


Intelligent Automation For Your Company

Unleash the unlimited productivity of your team with our intelligent automation development services.

Increase process efficiency

Replace your manual processes with automation and complete them in a split second with a 0% error margin.

Make the most of RPA bots

Integrate your RPA bots with other technologies and achieve the next level of automation efficiency.

Release employees from repetitive tasks

Free your team members from performing dull, mundane tasks, unleash their productivity and increase employee satisfaction.

Leverage the full power of Big Data

Use Machine Learning and Big Data processing and take your operations to the next level.

Reduce costs and boost your ROI

Save on valuable FTEs and re-direct your employee’s efforts to tasks that bring more value to your organization.

Improve governance and security

Stay compliant with industry-specific regulations, prevent errors, and detect fraudulent activities.

Business Process Management

Automating business workflows to provide greater agility and consistency and streamline existing processes.

Robotic Process Automation

Automation of repetitive, rule-based processes on scale performed by software bots.

Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision to build automation processes that require reason, judgment, and decision-making

Intelligent Process Automation

Powerful, holistic automation of your critical business processes that will hyper-boost your efficiency and increase profitability.

Every collaboration start with the conversation.

Schedule a 15–minute conversation with one of our consultants and tell us about your needs

During the call, you will hear potential solutions to the challenges your business is currently facing

Photo of Filip Nasiadko - CEO of Flobotics

Every collaboration starts with the conversation

Schedule a 15-minute conversation with our
Intelligent Automation consultant. Let’s see together what can be achieved in your case.

Photo of Filip Nasiadko - CEO of Flobotics

What can you do with Intelligent Automation?

What can you do with Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent automation disrupts industries all over the business spectrum. So what can be done in your niche?

IA in Healthcare

patient processing (profile creation, registration, eligibility check, and appointment scheduling); automating medical billing and EHRs; automating clinical trials and medical research; automated document generation and processing (contracts, invoices, reports)

IA in Insurance

automated claims submissions and processing; underwriting and risk assessment; integrating and streamlining databases and systems; ensuring regulatory compliance

IA in Manufacturing

automated inventory management; purchase order creation and processing; vendor communication and management; accounts payable & invoicing automation

IA in Audit

supply chain planning and optimization; ERP and marketing optimization; business and sales analytics; Inventory management and product categorization

IA in HR

candidate screening and shortlisting; payroll and time management automation; compensation and expense management solution; new hire onboarding and training

IA in Finance

invoice and document processing; fraudulent activities monitoring and notification; CC, loans, and mortgage processing; auditing and regulatory compliance

  • 350%

    Average ROI increase from a single automation

  • 100+

    Successful RPA implementations

Flobotics – a community-proven automation development agency

  • Thanks to Flobotics, we have increased our sales conversion rate by 3%. The team communicates effectively and is proactive both in the product discovery and development stages. I love the business drive of the team as well as their flexibility and readiness to address all the needs.

    “We are pleased with their excellent quality of service!”

    Kamil Walczak, DocPlanner

    Kamil Walczak

    Product Lead, DocPlanner

  • They were thorough, always available, and never missed anything. Very agile, lightweight approach, which we loved because it made the project move faster!

    We saved 100k in manual effort and we stand to increase revenue by $1M.

    Heather Maitre

    Managing Partner at Mystic River Consulting

Our successful automation implementations

Docplanner - automation with RPA

DocPlanner: Building a Super Scalable Automation System for Managing Patients

Our work


Read how we integrated multiple EHRs and created an automated system for managing patients and scheduling appointments for a medical Unicorn.

Docplanner - automation with RPA
TBank automation with RPA

A Leading US Bank Achieves +300,000% ROI by Automating a Simple Task With RPA

Our work

finance & banking

Learn how our robots made it possible to generate an ROI of over 300,000% (correct, you’ve got those zeros right!) in a few hours and save hundreds of hours of human labor.

TBank automation with RPA

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