How to automate the account activation process for a telecom company and reduce its length by 30,000%?




Texas, US




1 Senior UiPath developer




4 months

How to automate the account activation process for a telecom company and reduce its length by 30,000% ?


Global-View is a Texas-based company that offers affordable GPS tracking devices and software to locate cars, trailers, assets, and people. Using a GPS tracking app and cloud-based software allows them to manage the fleet, vehicles, and agents.

The Challenge

Global-View approached us with a well-defined problem regarding activating their devices' accounts and SIM cards.

Employees had to create a ticket via mail for the device activation, set up an account, and activate the requested device in various applications and programs. Manual logging, looking for assets, and switching between different applications were monotonous, time-consuming, and not user-friendly.

Users were getting confused by the process and regularly needed assistance from system administrators.

The Solution

After analyzing the problem, we decided to use UiPath technology with its comprehensive platform and low-code environment.

Our UiPath developers have written an intelligent robot that would perform all the actions needed in a split of a second:

Here is the step-by-step process:

Step 1: The robot checks email to see if any new activation requests exist.

Step 2: The robot checks if payment was made for the activation request.

Step 3: The robot checks the correctness of the data sent by the User.

Step 4: The robot creates the user account and activates the sim card on the first platform.

Step 5: The robot creates the User account and activates the tracker on the second platform.

Step 6. The robot emails the User with information that the activation process has been successfully completed.

After implementing the RPA solution, all process steps related to SIM card activation, account creation, and tracker activation were performed automatically.

As a result, we have connected GSuite (Gmail & Sheets), the Client’s internal platform for managing SIM cards, and a separate platform for managing trackers.

After three weeks of development, we were ready to deploy the MVP. A few facilities volunteered to test the new system, so we were ready to go.

The Outcome

The whole implementation (with testing) took us less than three weeks and was performed by a single UiPath developer.

The previous process took around 10 minutes per 1 activation (providing no problems were on the way). After our bot took over, the whole process was cut down to JUST ONE SECOND.

There is also no need to engage system administrators anymore, who, instead of constantly helping out the users, can focus on their core tasks.

As a bonus, we have also implemented error handling for system and business exceptions at any step of the process, with an automated notification system – administrators will be sent automated e-mails in case problems occur.

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