How to fully automate invoice processing, streamline accounting and free up the time of two full-time employees as a result?


Cohen & Company


Ohio, United States




1 Project Manager, 1 Junior RPA Developer, 1 Senior RPA Developer




2 months

Cohen and Company - automation with RPA


hours of labor saved monthly


different processes automated


RPA bots created


Cohen & Company offers a full range of accounting, tax, and consulting services to clients based in the U.S. and abroad. The company focuses on working with private companies, the investment industry, the real estate sector, and private equity.

The Challenge

The client came to us with a clear vision of which processes should be automated with RPA. They were:

  1. Invoice creation and upload
  2. Invoice data extraction and upload
  3. Purchase order data creation and upload

Prior to the collaboration (and despite their relevance to the business), all three heavily relied on manual work, causing stress among employees, with the constant threat of delivering errors.

The Solution

First, we advised on the automation technology. We decided to go with UiPath – an industry-standard solution that is secure, fast and allows quick implementation (our UiPath developers are ready to automate your business processes right now).

As there were different processes to be optimized, let’s consider them separately. For invoice processing, the solution designed was based on two robots:

  • The first was responsible for creating the PDF invoice based on the respective business rules.
  • The second, with the recently created invoice, could import this invoice file with the correct parameters in the desired system.

After correctly extracting the data from the invoice received in a specified mailbox, the bot was configured to insert this data into the specified system.

The same logic was used for the purchase order data creation.

The Outcome

Based on the time that was needed to deliver the tasks manually, the time saved monthly is the equivalent of two FTEs (two full-time employees). It means that we saved 320 hours monthly!

Now, instead of manually document processing every invoice, operators only need to analyze a report to check the few cases where the process was not fully completed to ensure the necessary actions are taken. Thanks to that, they can now focus on more strategic tasks and bring business value to the company.

See what can be done in accounting, finance, and the banking industry with Robotic Process Automation.


hours of labor saved monthly


different processes automated


RPA bots created

Automate your invoices processing!

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