Custom Invoice Automation Solutions

Fully automate invoice processing in your financial department. Get rid of boring work, improve accuracy and never miss a deadline again.

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Custom Invoice Automation Solutions

Fully automate invoice processing in your financial department. Get rid of boring work, improve accuracy and never miss a deadline again.

Invoice Automation

5/5 Clutch vetted

Invoice Automation: What Can Be Automated?

Data Validation and Verification

Validate extracted invoice data against rules for accuracy and completeness. Check data consistency, match invoices with orders, and ensure compliance with internal and external policies.

Data Entry and Integration

Automate invoice data entry into accounting or ERP systems, reducing errors and processing time. Integrate with any given application to update financial records, trigger payments, and generate reports.

Invoice Data Extraction

Automatically extract invoice data like invoice number, date, vendor details, line items, and amounts from digital invoices or use OCR technology for scanned or PDF invoices.

Invoice Matching and Approval Workflow

Automatically match invoices with orders to verify billing accuracy. Route invoices through approval workflows using predefined rules, escalating exceptions to human reviewers.

Exception Handling

Automatically flag discrepancies and edge cases for human review. Adhere to escalation protocols, notify stakeholders, and offer corrective action recommendations.

Redaction and Anonymization

Utilizing automated redaction tools, anonymize sensitive information within documents to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and protect confidential data.

Automated Whole Document Workflows

Implement automated workflow routing based on document content and predefined rules to streamline approval processes, document review cycles, and stakeholder collaboration.

  • 26%

    of businesses are working to have a fully automated invoice processing system by (ACAPP)

  • 41%

    of US companies have automated invoice approvals
    (The State of ePayables 2023)

  • 65%

    of US enterprises have automated invoice data entry (Levvel Data)

We Provide Invoice Automation Across Various Technologies

Robotic Process Automation

Automate repetitive tasks in invoice processing, such as data entry, matching invoices with purchase orders, and routing invoices for approval.

Optical Character Recognition

Extract data with OCR technology from scanned or digital invoices, converting it into a machine-readable format.

Workflow Automation Software

Streamline the end-to-end invoice processing cycle with workflow automation tools, from invoice receipt to approval and payment.

AI and Machine Learning

Optimize invoice categorization with AI-based solutions, detect anomalies or discrepancies, and improve decision-making based on historical invoice data.

Invoice Automation with RPA – How Does It Work?

Integrating Multiple EHRs and Automating Patient Registration and Visit Scheduling

DocPlanner is the largest healthcare platform in Europe. We automated data and task flow between legacy electronic health record (EHR) systems and the DocPlanner application, optimizing appointment scheduling and patient registration workflows.


EHR systems integrated


processes automated monthly


of cases processed automatically

Thanks to Flobotics, we have increased our sales conversion rate by 3%. The team communicates effectively and is proactive both in the product discovery and development stages. I love the business drive of the team as well as their flexibility and readiness to address all the needs.

We are pleased with their excellent quality of service!

Kamil Walczak, DocPlanner

Kamil Walczak

Product Lead at Docplanner

Automating invoicing, reporting, and providers switching for a renewable energy company

For a green energy company from Switzerland, we have automated key back office processes, freed their team from delivering boring, repetitive work and brought significant ROI in the first year of collaboration.


of pure profit in Year One

6.18 FTEs

saved monthly


automated actions/month

Streamlining Accounting through Automated Invoice Processing

We automated invoice and purchase order processing with the help of RPA bots. One bot created PDF invoices, while another imported these invoices into the designated system, extracting and inserting data from specified mailboxes into the system.


Hours of labor saved monthly


Different processes automated


RPA bots created

They delivered a holistic solution that worked exactly the way we needed it to. We had a very aggressive timeline, and they still met their deadlines and remained on budget.

It was a quality product that met the project scope.

Mary Washburn

Senior Manager at Cohen & Company

Bringing Automation to All Invoice Processing Tools and Systems

FreshBooks QuickBooks Xero Zoho Invoice Wave Sage Intacct SAP Concur AvidXchange Invoicely Expensify Tipalti AccountSight MineralTree PayPal Invoicing Certify Nvoicepay KashFlow Tradeshift Procurify Sage 50Cloud Square Invoices Quipu Hiveage Invoice2go FreeAgent Kashoo Zervant FinancialForce Avalara Brightpearl Chargebee Fiskl Taulia SlickPie Spendesk Emburse Recurly Harvest Zumzum Apptricity Basware Coupa FreshBooks Square Plooto Beanworks Divvy Procurify Corcentric Patriot Software Tipalti Spendesk SynerTrade Vroozi MineralTree Blinksale Sap Concur Sunrise SlickPie ZapERP Moon Invoice Invoice Ninja Sufio Zervant BQE Core Basware Xero Chaser Zoho Invoice Quaderno Quipu Hiveage AND CO HiAccounting FreeAgent Invoice Home ZarMoney Invoice Quick Tradeshift Zervant Invoice2go KashFlow Brightpearl PandaDoc Joiin Kashoo Backstop QuickFile Paymo ApprovalMax Chargebee Fiskl Nch Software Coupa Scoro Reviso Aqua Emburse
Brightpearl Zoho Books FINSYNC SlickAccount Bonsai InvoiceBerry Pandle Hiveage Dotdigital Chrome River Chargify ConvergeHub Envoice MineralTree PaySimple Plooto Quaderno Quadient Reckon One Sellsy SlickPie Spendesk Spera Tipalti Zervant ZipBooks Zuora AND CO Checkfront Expensify Hiveage Hubdoc Invoicera MoonClerk Nexonia Paymo Pulse Quaderno Receipt Bank Sage One Sellsy Slope Sunrise Telost TimeSolv TopNotepad Wave Zervant Zoho Invoice Sufio Hiveage Billdu ZarMoney Issuu YayPay BeansBooks CashCtrl Nummuspay Invoicebus Invoiced Moon Invoice Pandle Ebillity Invoices Unlimited OpenInvoices Paydirt Ronin Sighted Invoicely InvoiceSherpa KashFlow ReliaBills Hiveage
Zervant InvoicePlane Invoicera Nutcache Yendo Socket Blinksale Elorus QuickFile CheddarGetter Invoice2go PaySimple Zoho Invoice Fiskl Chaser Automation Centre Chime CleverBridge Cradle CyberSource Envoice Envoice Express Invoice Finder GetMyInvoices InvoiceBerry Invoices Unlimited Nutcache OnlineInvoices Sighted Wave Zoho Books Brightbook Billomat MONEI Payhawk Sage Business Cloud Accounting ZapERP Plooto Quaderno Quipu Sunrise Zervant Boxstorm Airbase Certify Procurify ExpensePoint MineralTree AvidXchange beanworks Plate IQ Divvy Tallie Tipalti Yooz BambooHR Digital Invoicing Actouch Accoxi BillingServ ChargeOver EzzyBills Jortt Moon Invoice Sufio Wave Invoicing Accounteer AccountsPortal Brightbook

Why Flobotics for Invoice Automation?

Why Flobotics for Invoice Automation?

Cost-Effective Automation

Thanks to our competitive rates, we can build cost-efficient RPA automation and maximize your ROI starting from the development phase.


Top Automation Experts

Our battle-proven developers are sourced from the “Big Four” of accounting: PwC, EY, KPMG & Deloitte, and combine extensive technical and business expertise.

We Will Work with All Your Apps and Systems

Regardless of the systems, software, and tools you use – ERP, accounting systems, or databases. We can automate and integrate them all!

Full Compliance & Security

Compliance with GDPR, SOX, and Tax regulations is at the core of our automation.

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  • 350%

    Average ROI increase from a single automation

  • 100+

    Successful RPA implementations

Streamlining Invoice Workflows with Invoice Automation

Keen to find out more about the ins and outs of invoice automation and what the future holds for invoice processing? Read on.

Start With Invoice Automation

Introduce automation to your invoice processing. Share your specific needs and challenges with us, and we’ll develop a complimentary demo to address one of them.

Streamlining Business Operations with Invoice Automation: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiency and accuracy in financial operations are paramount. One area where organizations can significantly enhance their processes is by implementing invoice automation. With the rise of technology and innovative solutions, invoice automation has transformed how businesses manage their invoicing workflows, offering many benefits beyond just time and cost savings. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the realm of invoice automation, exploring its advantages and the transformative impact it has on businesses of all sizes.

Understanding Invoice Automation

Invoice automation involves using technology to digitize and streamline invoice processing within an organization. Businesses can automate tasks such as data extraction, validation, reconciliation, and payment processing by leveraging tools such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning algorithms. This automation eliminates manual errors, reduces processing time, enhances data accuracy, and provides real-time insights into financial operations.

Benefits of Invoice Automation

Efficiency and Time Savings
  • Invoice automation streamlines the entire invoicing process, from data entry to payment reconciliation, significantly reducing the time required to process invoices.
  • Automated workflows ensure that invoices are routed to the appropriate stakeholders for approval promptly, speeding up the overall invoicing cycle.
Cost Savings
  • By minimizing manual labor and eliminating errors, invoice automation reduces operational costs associated with invoice processing.
  • Businesses can avoid late payment penalties and take advantage of early payment discounts, leading to cost savings in the long run.
Improved Accuracy and Data Quality
  • Automation eliminates the risk of human errors that often occur during manual data entry, resulting in more accurate and consistent invoice data.
  • Invoice automation integrates with accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to ensure data integrity and enhance financial reporting.
Enhanced Compliance and Security
  • Automated workflows adhere to predefined rules and compliance regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and ensuring that invoices are processed accurately.
  • Secure encryption and authorization protocols safeguard sensitive financial information, enhancing data security and confidentiality.
Optimized Cash Flow Management
  • Instant invoice processing and approval workflows accelerate payment cycles, enabling businesses to optimize cash flow and maintain healthy liquidity.
  • Real-time visibility into outstanding invoices and payment statuses empowers organizations to make informed financial decisions and plan effectively for the future.
Improved Vendor and Customer Relations
  • Timely payments facilitated by invoice automation strengthen vendor relationships, fostering trust and reliability in business partnerships.
  • Improved invoicing processes lead to faster resolution of payment discrepancies, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Implementing Invoice Automation

To harness the benefits of invoice automation effectively, businesses need to plan and implement automated invoicing workflows carefully. Key steps in the implementation process include:

Assessing Current Processes

Evaluate existing invoicing workflows, identify pain points, and determine areas that can be automated for maximum efficiency.

Selecting the Right Tools

Choose an invoice automation solution that aligns with your business requirements, integrates seamlessly with existing systems, and offers scalability for future growth.

Customizing Workflows

Tailor automated workflows to suit your organization’s specific needs, incorporating approval hierarchies, validation rules, and exception-handling protocols.

Training and Onboarding

Train employees on how to use the invoice automation system effectively and ensure a smooth transition to automated processes.

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

Regularly monitor the performance of automated workflows, gather feedback from users, and make adjustments to optimize efficiency and accuracy.

Final Thoughts

By embracing invoice automation, businesses can unlock a world of opportunities to streamline operations, enhance financial management, and drive sustainable growth. With its myriad benefits ranging from efficiency gains and cost savings to improved accuracy and compliance, invoice automation is a strategic investment that paves the way for a more agile and competitive organization in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Automate your Invoice Processing!

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What is invoice automation?2024-05-09T01:33:18+02:00

Invoice automation is the process of using software and tools like RPA and AI, to streamline and optimize the handling of invoices within an organization. This automation involves digitizing and automating tasks such as data extraction, validation, matching, approval workflows, and payment processing associated with invoices. Overall, invoice automation simplifies and accelerates the invoicing process, leading to cost savings, increased productivity, and improved financial management.

Is invoice automation suitable for businesses of all sizes?2024-05-09T01:32:55+02:00

Yes, invoice automation is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, implementing invoice automation can bring significant benefits in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings. Invoice automation can be scaled to meet the needs of various business sizes, making it a valuable solution for optimizing invoicing procedures regardless of the company’s scale.

Why automate invoice processing?2024-05-09T01:28:36+02:00

Automating invoice processing streamlines operations, reduces errors, and boosts efficiency. It eliminates manual tasks, speeds up processing times, improves data accuracy, and provides valuable insights. This automation saves time, enhances compliance, optimizes cash flow, and strengthens vendor relationships through timely payments. Ultimately, it simplifies financial operations, leading to cost savings and increased efficiency.

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